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SGA598 Automatic

    (1)Effectivefabricwidth:20,30,40,50,60 and 70 cm.
    (2)Machine speed:45—80 picks/min,speed adjustable
    (3)Weft color choice:8 colors,electro—pneumatic control color selection device
    (4)Fabric tightness:≤45
    (5)Nos.of heald frame(including leno slevage):20 nos.optional of 24 nos.
    (6)Beating mode:cam beating controlled by servo motor.
    (7)Weft insertion mode:servo motor driving and synchronous leading and inserting weft
    (8)Warp yarn breakage automatic stop:Laser induction detection(patent technology)
    (9)Weft yarn breakage automatic stop:Mechanical spring automatic stop
    (1 0)Warp yarn tension control:automatically electronic adjusting warp tension
    (1 1)Configured dual—axis,warp tension is controlled by torque servo motor and digital display.
    (1 2)Man—machine interface:capacitive touch screen+PLC
    (1 3)Gas source:gas source pressure:0.45~0.8Mpa.
    (14)Power supply:220V 50~60HZ

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