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      (1)Width:reed width 20 inches
      (2)Take—up:adopt step motor,automatic control warp feeding
      (3)With weft—density automatic correction function,precision control within+/-l picks/inch(weft density range 100 picks/inch)
      (4)Warp Let—Off:warp let—off by constant tension aerodynamic damped,and attached with electromagnetic brake mechanism.
      Guarantee fell stable when beating
      (5)Lifting:Heald frames are 16 pieces(standard configuration).It can be customized according to the requirement of customers,
      adopting industrial level programmable controller PLC controller,man—machine interface adopts high sensitive touch screen plate
      touch input,pneumatic opening and use photoelectric switch control for lifting.
      (6)Adopt slow start and release mechanism,with stable and powerful lifting
      (7)Adopt seamless rectangular steel pipe welding,the machine surface adopts electrostatic spraying and automobile lacquer handling.
      (8)Beating:by manual;adopting rigid beating bracket and bracket base is equipped with bearing
      (9)Color selection:by manual
      (10)Group control system:l computer can communicate with 30 small prototype,pattem plate can be sent to each equipment by group
      at the same time,convenient for teaching.It is configured with a set of man~ement system soft and a set of connection cable.
      (¨)Air source control:air pressure of 0.45一一0.8Mpa,maximum gas consumption per unit is 200L/min
      (12)Power supply:rated power 220 volt,frequency of 50HZ
      (13)Outline dimensions(mm):1300*980*1510

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