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Buildings in the Southern District  2019/2/20 16:26:52  bit:360

Yesterday, the re-opening of the No. 1 and No. 2 Buildings in the Southern District of China Light Spinning City was held in Keqiao. Coinciding with the traditional Lantern Festival festival in China, the Southern District Market jointly organized the Spring Festival Lantern Festival Art Festival in the same period as the Keyan Street. The outside of the market was dressed up as "Fire Tree Silver Flower", combined with an internal large-scale living supermarket, a five-star multi-hall giant screen city, and KTV. Supporting facilities, It has become a good place for operating households and surrounding residents.
According to Chenjunchang, chairman of China light spinning city Southern District market Management Co., Ltd., the concept of market innovation and business promotion clearly establishes the idea of investment promotion and development centered on the transfer of business to the city. Through market research, the market is coordinated with the operators, and from the perspective of market cultivation, the profits are made to the majority of the operators. Finally, it is clear that the first and second buildings are the woolen woolen and woolen specialty areas, the fine woolen specialty areas, and the knitted wool specialty areas. At present, the number of woolen and woolen businesses in the Southern District market has reached more than 300 households, accounting for more than half of the total number of households operated by China Light Textile City. Mr Chenjunchang said:  the Southern District market, the idea of giving priority to Long City and the priority of service, has striven to create a professional procurement market for worsted woolen fabrics and knitted chorions in China. "



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